I teach with CoTA (Collaborations: Teachers and Artists), and previously taught at City Tree Christian School, San Diego Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and San Diego State University. In addition to advocating for the arts through my work as an educator, I also curate art exhibitions independently. I have curated over 10 art exhibitions since 2013, at organizations such as A Ship In The Woods, Gallery D, and Planet Rooth Design Haus. I am the recipient of a Quick Grant from Rising Arts Leaders, a Green Public Art Grant, and the Isabel Craft Scholarship. Since earning my MFA degree from San Diego State University in 2011, I have participated in over 20 art exhibitions regionally. Currently, I serve on the Emerging Museum Professionals Board and am a Steering Committee Member of Rising Arts Leaders in San Diego, CA

As an unofficial San Diego arts advocate, I have chosen to engage our community by utilizing the power of social media as shown in my vlog. It highlights the exciting events of our region’s top art venues and brings special attention to the diverse range of San Diego arts professionals. Check out the videos by clicking on the YouTube link below.

About my work:

Using distorted and erratic renditions of crocheting, weaving, wrapping, and other fiber techniques, I build large-scale sculptural installations. I begin by cutting recycled fabrics that are sourced from family and friends into long continuous thread. Dense forms and linear elements take shape as I let the tactile qualities of the materials guide me. This improvisational practice allows unpredictability to prosper. My intention is that people gain a renewed sense of curiosity when they encounter the irregularity in my work. The recurring themes in my work are: labor & domesticity, coming to terms with the past, women’s transcendence, un-containment, and relationships. In mirroring the processes of decay, entropy, rupture, and unraveling, I want viewers to reconnect with their own vulnerability. Within this state of vulnerability, I believe we can find strength and a sensitivity that facilitates our collective empathy. It is then that we can collaborate better, applying creative problem solving to help one other.


CV available upon request.