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What Does San Diego Need for its Art Scene to Thrive?

A recent op-ed in Voice of San Diego laid out a lot of criticisms about the local visual art scene. The strong responses, both agreeing and disagreeing with the piece, started a dialogue that was continued in-person.

From 6 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, Bread & Salt and Voice of San Diego hosted a panel discussion about the state of the local visual arts scene and what can be done to help boost it. From a need for more serious art collectors in San Diego, to a lack of art galleries that are serious about selling artwork, the panel discussed specific examples of what is and isn't working.

The discussion was moderated by Voice of San Diego’s Kinsee Morlan.

Panelists included:
Michael James Armstrong, artist and gallery owner, ICE Gallery
Dia Bassett, artist, arts advocate, and educator
Meegan Nolan, artist and gallery owner, Low Gallery
Patricia Aguayo, artist and arts administrator
Seth Combs, editor, CityBeat
Larry Baza, chair, Commission for Arts and Culture
Cris Scorza, education curator, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Listen to the audio recording here.